And by “does”, yes, I mean that.

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The ones here that are written by Christine’s Adventures are a bit racy and NSFW. The other ones are just fun.

Please enjoy the series as it progresses:

Eat. Pray. F*ck.

The series so far

She left her boyfriend and arrived in Rome with only one plan — to begin eating, praying and f*cking her way through…

We finally reveal the secret they’ve been trying to hide by sleeping on their sides

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They thought we wouldn’t notice. Ha. We noticed. We found them out. Side sleepers, beware, we know the truth. Watch out.

We’re side sleeper whistleblowers

Don’t even try to scare us or threaten us or blackmail us, sidesleepers. We are protected from retaliation by The Snooze-Youlose Act of 2002, which provides for both civil…


Take our quiz and see if you guys are actually going to make it through the end of our long national nightmare

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Great news! Omicron is nothing but a cold!

Bad news! It’s never going away ever!

Great news! The pandemic might be ending.

Bad news! The endemic by definition NEVER ENDS!

Fine, but what does that mean about your relationship with you know who — that person you haven’t been able…


You are simply moving your inspiration from one place — your head — to another — the page.

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I consider myself a moving company. Or maybe a delivery company. I’m not exactly sure which is the more apt metaphor. So I’m going to use both. Uh oh. That’s actually verboten. It’s what we call a mixed metaphor. But I’m going to do it, because these writing rules are…

Christine Stevens

Funny lady, writer of satire and sex, proud Californian, language doctor and lover of Medium!

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