Like clinically “in love” with her!

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I’m not a woman who is avidly against her partner watching porn, trust me. However, I’m not a woman who likes to watch porn with her partner, or make porn with him, either. I am more mental about sex than visual, maybe? I don’t know.

So Aron is allowed to watch as much porn as he wants and beat off and I don’t care. He leaves it on his laptop — he knows I’m cool with it. (Yeah, I am the textbook people pleaser “try to be cool” GF!!!)

But seriously, I didn’t mind it, until he actually fell in…

I send her the good news she’s been missing

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True Confessional is a place to lay it all out. No judgment. Just lay it out here and get it all off your chest, you’ll feel better. So here I go, holding nothing back.

My mother got ovarian cancer when I was 11. By the time I was 12 my mother looked like a skeleton lying in a hospital bed that they put in our house. My doctor told me I still have the personality of an eleven-year-old child but pretty good intelligence — except math. See I couldn’t add so they put me in special ed, but my mother…

Thanks, Itty Bitty Titty Bra for almost ruining my life.

Do you like the way I’ve done my hair? (Adobe images)

Women like me, I’ve met a few. We have A or AA cups and regular bras hang on us like baggy pants.

You know where we buy bras that work for us? In the girl’s section of Target. That’s where I buy bras that don’t fit me like baggy pants. These ones at least cling snugly to my skin, even if some of them have little hearts and princesses on them. And even if they don’t, they somehow make me feel like an eleven-year-old girl, not a woman.

Then came the Itty Bitty Titty Bra.

Thank you Patrick. I've been writing on Medium for a couple years and there's a woman named @juliabeaudett who is an editor at Sexography who has given me the courage to reveal myself more. I will surprise you and say there are even worse and more shameful experiences that I am still not ready to discuss but I am proud of myself for facing these demons. Thank you so much for your kind words.

I never told anyone this and I never wrote about it. It causes me pure grief to remember. But I am going to remember and tell you, Jaden, because you are pure sunshine.

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I spent time in Special Ed, but then my mother got me moved to regular classes, and then she died. Thanks, Mom.

Well, Manhattan Beach is a small fucking town with the same kids all your life. By the time I reached puberty and became well, I don’t care, I am going to say it, attractive, all the boys in the school wanted to fuck me. How do I know? They all tried, like almost every single one of them.

Why did they all try?

Because they thought it would be easy. Because they knew I had been in Special…

By another couple.”

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Dear Fet Community —

Hi, my husband and I would like to be dominated by another super-dominating couple. It would be great if she was a dominatrix and he was a master, you know. A real dominator. We would like to come over to your house. It would be great if the Dominatrix would take my husband into the other room and maybe go number one on him.

Meanwhile, it would be really great if the Master could take me down into his dungeon and tie me up to some sort of pulley rope system. I’ve always fantasized about pullies…

New study suggests many people think sex with themselves is the best.

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Two out of three people surveyed identified themselves as their most satisfying sex partner.

Well, it makes sense — we know what we like best.

I once wrote a song about it, called “Tonight It’s Me and Christine.” It was very popular in my adult-themed cabaret act. People could relate to a couple of the lines, “I know myself, I know what I like, I know just how to tease me. Tonight it’s me, tonight it’s me and Christine.”

But I have also written an article titled, “Sex With Christine Stevens Was Disappointing,” or something like that. I can’t remember…

Christine Stevens

Funny lady, writer of satire and sex, intellectual kickboxer, sapiosexual surfer, proud Californian, language doctor and lover of Medium!

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